What is YU-GI-KING?

YU-GI-KING is a play to earn NFT Card Game on BSC Chain. 💰

Story of YU-GI-KING

In this chaotic world where the evil guys are dominating, YU-GI-KING decided to once again take on the status quo! This time YUGI is fighting for his own glory to become the best player in YU-GI-KING. YUGI is also fighting to beat the evils in the society who dominated all the resources and deprived others’ rights and happiness.
We all miss the good old days of playing exciting card games, our mission is to take card games from physical Duel Table to BSC Chain. YU-GI-KING is more than just a game. Your monster partner can help 10x,100x your wealth and help you beat the capitalism in the life game

Why choose to invest in YU-GI-KING

YU-GI-KING is designed to bring the exciting card game that we all played as a child from a physical Duel Board to the BSC Chain. The game not only earns you friendship and glory when you build yourself into Duel Master. You will also be able to earn $YUGI token from the game.
The YU-GI-KING ecosystem must be a full function Game-Fi platform; with a continous evolving of the YU-GI-KING gmae methodtology, we are expecting the game to attract not only past YU-GI fans, but also everyone who are interested in playing an exciting card game.
The utililty of $YUGI Token goes beyond just drawing rare monster cards. Going forward, the ownership of $YUGI Token will directly impact the speed of your monster growing to a higher level which will direclty impact the reward for your each win!
We will also be extending our foot to provide various DeFi missions using our $YUGI Token. We are already in discussion with some industry players about the collaboration. Please Stay tuned for it. You will not want to miss this one!
Let's DUEL!!
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